Hi! My name's Victor,
I'm the Founder of WebGarage Agency and WP Rockstar.

WordPress website development and maintaining

Create or improve your WordPress website to increase your sells and user experience

We offer successful solutions for your WordPress websites

Our services:


WordPress website development

We have talented designers anddevelopers.They will help you create WordPress website that will fit all your requirements and will look great.


WordPress website maintenance

We update WP core files, plugins and themes every week, ensure the website security and fix all critical errors so your website will be working perfectly.


Hourly work

Just let us know if you have any problems or non-standard tasks and our specialists will contact you with the spope of work and estimated time for it implemention.

Very happy with WebGarage Agency WordPress skills. We have worked with them on multiple projects and plan to do it again in the future!

Julia Schierholz, Project Manager



Were closed in 2 months


Third party services

Was integrated and set up on our website



Were saved on plugins and custom work


FULL Service

WordPress website development

We can develop WordPress website for any purpose. If you need either e-commerce website or learning platform or membersip community or even just a simple landing page, we can help you to develop it.

Our development process

1. Create a scope

We create a scope according to all your requrements, estimate the time and value of the project and send it to you for approval.


2. Create a design

We are creating design prototype and after it's approval we create a design mockups for every page you have on the website.


3. Website developement

We are implementing front-end and back-end developement according to design and scope document.


4. Testing and edits

Before the presentation we are doing a peer testing of the wesbsite and fixing all the bugs and issues.

Our Projects

WordPress website maintenance

We are helping our clients to maintain their websites and make them safe. You can forgot about any routine issues, we will take of your website so it will be working 24\7 and will efficient all the time.

Our plans


Update and support website
$ 249
per month
  • 5 hours for any type of work
  • Update plugins, themes and WP
  • Discount for our services


Efficiency and security
$ 449
per month
  • All privileges of Basic plan
  • +5 additional hours for any type of work
  • Provide security services for the website
  • Online-consultaton with our developer


Cover all your needs
$ 899
per month
  • All privileges of Standard plan
  • +10 additional hours for any type of work
  • Multisite support
  • Support 24\7

Hourly work

If you have WordPress website and you need to fix any issues or you want to integrate any third-party services, or if you have some non-stadard task that needs custom coding, please contact us and we will help you this.

Describe your issue

And we will help you to find quick and efficient solution


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